Chocolate & Coffee Vegan Fudge with Nuts

Chocolate & Coffee Vegan Fudge with Nuts | Koekbook


Feeling blue on a rainy day? This vegan fudge is very easily whipped up. You don’t need a lot of equipment, other than a pan, some heat and something to pour your fudge into (something square would be great for that though). Perfect for students! Technically this is more like a pretty solid ganache, feel free to use it in that way as well – it turns out very shiny on top! Be warned: this is extremely rich and addictive. This’ll keep for a while though, so you don’t need to eat it all right away (you know you want to).

Chocolate & Coffee Vegan Fudge with Nuts | Koekbook

You’ll see that coconut cream is included in the ingredients. I should stress that this is not the same thing as coconut milk! Coconut cream is a fattier version of coconut milk, thick and paste-like (although mine was pretty solid *ahem*). The cream on its own is already heavenly, in this fudge it is the creamy-maker. You won’t taste any of the coconut in combination with the chocolate but you could add some dessicated coconut to the mixture and on top to accomplish that tropical twist. I’ve used mocha-extract in this recipe, but you can substitute that for vanilla, as is done in the blogpost on Fork and Beans that I adapted this recipe from. 
 Chocolate & Coffee Vegan Fudge with Nuts | KoekbookChocolate & Coffee Vegan Fudge with Nuts | Koekbook
Recipe Chocolate & Coffee Vegan Fudge with Nuts.
-2 cups non-dairy semi sweet chocolate chips (or chocolate bar cut into small pieces) 
-1/2 cup coconut cream, not coconut milk! 
-1/2 cup non dairy milk 
-1 c. chopped nuts, optional (or more!)
-Mocha extract to taste 
-Dash salt
1. In a pan (preferably heavy saucepan, but anything will do), over low heat, melt the chocolate chips with the coconut cream, non-dairy milk, and salt. Remove from heat when everything has dissolved.
2. Stir in nuts and mocha extract if desired. Hazelnuts go particularly well with mocha and chocolate. Spread evenly into a wax paper lined small square pan (or whatever small pan you can find).  Place more chopped nuts on top for extra nuttiness.
3. Chill for 2 hours, or until firm.
4. Turn the fudge onto a cutting board, peel off paper and cut into squares.  Store fudge in the fridge.
Recipe adapted from Fork and Beans

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